Happiness & Corona

Kuva: Peter Culley

We are going through a challenging time. In addition to the virus, there is also plenty of negativity in the air. We probably won’t see dolphins in our rivers, but there are many positive things that can come out of this situation. Let’s be honest, Finns are the world experts in keeping their personal space and avoiding social interaction!

Despite the coronavirus, Finland has been chosen as the happiest nation in the world for the third time running – a hat-trick of happiness! Even so, I believe Finns can succeed in being even happier during this time of isolation and quarantine.

According to a study conducted by Statistics Finland (Tilastokeskus) in 2009, the average Finn spends only one hour and 45 minutes a day with their family members. If you have children, you now have more quality time to spend with them. Children will remember this time for the rest of their lives, so let’s make it special. If you have pets, this is also a great opportunity to give them more attention. If you live alone, this is an opportunity for you to be selfish, in a good way. You now have the time for self-development – learn a language, clean your house, do the things you have promised to do, but have not had the time. If doing nothing or sleeping makes you happy, now is your chance.

This is also a challenging time for local businesses. The government gets money from local businesses in the form of taxes. Taxes are used for maintaining our standard of living. Without these taxes, we wouldn’t have schools, a health service, public transport or even Alko! By supporting local businesses, you are supporting yourself. There have been posts on social media saying that after this crisis, we need to use local companies more, spend holidays in Finland, and so on. This is simply wrong. If we wait for the crisis to be over, it will be too late, as many businesses will already be bankrupt. We must act now. The very least you can do is like and share your favourite local companies on social media.

Please remember that many people who have the coronavirus will not have any symptoms, but they can still spread the virus. Stay at home!