Say “NO!” to the vaccine

Kuva: Peter Culley


FACT: the number of people who die from COVID-19 is ridiculously low. Considering getting the vaccine? Read this first!

1. Forget red traffic lights. Did you know that if you run red light, your chances of dying are tiny? Statistics show you might lose a leg or an arm or end up in a wheelchair, but death is unlikely. Red lights are purely a government conspiracy to slow us down. Similarly, stop wearing seatbelts – I never wear a seatbelt and I’m still alive!

2. It’s the vaccine that kills. People have died after receiving the vaccine. According to reports, all over the world at least three people have died due to receiving blood clots after being vaccinated. Less than five million people have died because of COVID. Do the math, vaccines are almost doubling the death toll.

3. The shot makes you magnetic. This is also a government conspiracy to get people to take their own teaspoons with them everywhere on their arm.

4. The Black Plague lasted for seven years from 1346 to 1353 and disappeared into thin air without the need for any stupid vaccines. After killing only about 200 million people, herd immunity saved the human race.

5. You are already alive, so death must be a myth.

6. Stop using condoms, the chances of dying of AIDS are so small.

7. Go and fight a war. Many people have been to war and come back alive. War is not dangerous!

8. The vaccine is just Bill Gates is injecting Windows chips into everyone. Wake up people! Windows is already full of viruses!

9. There is a high chance that vaccines will make you old. People who have been vaccinated in the past for measles and polio have reported grey hair, balding in men, use of walking sticks and Zimmer frames, deteriorating hearing and eyesight, and even wrinkles! Avoid the vaccine and increase your chances of dying young!

10. Nobody has ever died because of using cannabis, nobody! It’s only doctors that say kids should be smoking it. What do doctors really know?

11. Stop seeing doctors. Doctors are all in on the conspiracy. If you fall over and break your leg, fix it yourself, I mean what do doctors really know?

12. Jesus wasn’t vaccinated! It was a rusty nail that killed him.

13. Choose who to believe? Millions of idiot doctors all over the world or a hugely successful respected and amazingly intelligent Nazi shop owner from Ii?


Be sensible. Don’t believe the government. Don’t believe the medical experts. Listen to the voice of social media to stay alive.