Family Cafes for all families available in Rovaniemi MLL

Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto MLL Rovaniemellä tarjoaa perheille palveluita. Yksi sellainen on tiistaisin kokoontuva Family Cafe. Kuva: Jonnamari Kentala.


Volunteering at MLL is preventive work for a good and happy childhood.

Many people are working voluntary in MLL to achieve the main goal; having active society with wonderful childhood memories and making that possible also to newcomers, like immigrants.

Jonnamari Kentala is coordinating volunteers and connecting them to suitable families at Rovaniemi-MLL office at Pirkkakatu 2.

-We have many activities for both Finnish and immigrant families. Every week our Family Cafes are one of the most popular activities. On Tuesdays there is time for immigrants and on Wednesday for Finnish families. Even if just two families could meet for the first time in our club, it`s always a very good opportunity to know each other and hopefully a platform to a trustable friedship.

The idea on Family Cafes is to help immigrant families to improve their Finnish language and get to know about the opportunities in a new society.

-Our aim is to help mothers away from their homes to come and get to know other families nearly in the same position. And if the families have any problems in their lives, we do give them advice in solving the challenges with our experts and letting them know of all various institutions.

Homework Tutor guiding in learning

Schoolchildren can get help from voluntary teachers in MLL if the children need advice or help to improve their studies.

-Because of the new study language, Finnish, and different learning conditions, it`s very helpful for immigrants’ children and their parents to get some tutoring. This activity is done by volunteer teachers with no cost.

Just give a Call!

The children’s and young people’s helping telephone is not collecting information about the ones, who give a call. Sometimes the service may store information about the initiative of the contacted people. This can happen when someone is sharing personal information about him/herself or another person and asking MLL for help. Personal data will be deleted from the electronic system as soon as possible after the worry has been handled. Personal data will not be used without a permission.

Main info about MLL

The Lapland District of the Mannerheim League- MLL is a regional non-governmental organisation. It has promoted the well-being of children, young people and families with children in Lapland since 1962.

Nationwide central organization MLL includes 10 district organizations and 588 local association. There are more than 91 000 members in an almost a 100-year-old NGO.


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