Have a chance to talk Finnish

Muistipeliä pelattiin Kielitalkoissa syyskuussa Katriina Happosen ohjauksessa. Lokakuussa kokeillaan, miten Toisto-menetelmä auttaa suomen kielen oppimisen alkuvaiheessa. Toisto vahvistaa puheen tuottamista.


Recently in Finland we have seen many newcomers, mostly because of the war situation in Ukraine.

The immigrant people are either asylum seekers, refugees or others and all they all need to get familiar with the new culture and language. For many of them there are possibilities to start a language course in the mornings, during the day time or in the evenings. Many of these newcomers have started a daily job and only not time to study. Anyhow, they all are in need to get a chance to talk Finnish and practise skills with local people.

For those people who don’t have opportunities to study Finnish language officially or practise to talk and get more closer to Finnish culture, may join Kielitalkoot.

Kielitalkoot at Ounasrinne

The project is done together with Kotokunta Oy. Grant is coming from Moniheli ry and the rent of the Community House Kontu from Kotokunta.

Every Wednesday from 18 to 20 people interested in learning to speak Finnish are gathering together at Salmenperä 2, Rovaniemi. Group is changeing every week according to will, working duties or family affairs. Kielitalkoot started on Wednesday 23rd August and will continue until 13th December 2023.

Kielitalkoot is not a proper language course, official or led by a language teacher. It’s an open group, the aim is willing to spend time together with no boring learning, writing or grammatic schedule. Our schedule is flexible. There have been already games, coffee talks, handicrafts, painting or even cooking. The aim is to improve language level and practice more by different methods than reading and studying the structures.

Participating Kielitalkoot is free of charge. It’s meant and available for all the immigrants that like friendly atmosphere. Children can come with their parents and have a place with toys and some other activities like painting or making handicrafts. Its open also to Finnish speakers, who want to help, guide and talk easy Finnish.

TOISTO group

Now the group is trying Toisto – method. TOISTO is suitable for starting to talk by repeating the words and sentences many times during the evening with one thematic area.

This far there has been 2-4 voluntary leaders to push ahead the methods and programs for coming meetings. On the plan there are now to organise a trip to Apukka, evening connected to different tasty cheese, upcoming Christmas and visiting local families and have a chat there, in private homes.

If you got an interest to join us, please take contact and join us!


Ahad Maroufi